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Jain Pratikraman Vidhi

Q-1 What is Pratikraman?
Ans. Pratikraman means to get away from sins (from bad work or paap), due to which all sins that has been done get washed that is get rid of all past paap which sacred task that has been showed by knowledgeable Saints.
Q-2 Why shall we do Pratikraman?
Ans. To get rid of all paap that have done during the course of days and nights.
Q-3 How many Pratikramans are there?
Ans. There are 5 Pratikramans namely 1. Devasi or Evening daily 2. Raia or Morning time Pratikraman 3. Pakhi or Fortnight 4. Chaumasi or Quarterly and 5. Samwatsari or Annual.
Q-4 What disadvantage do we face when we at night?
Ans. When we eat at night it forms the biggest sin or paap since it is against Jineshwar Parmatma’s order. Also today scientists have proved that eating at night gives adverse effect on digesting system. It gives births to the several disorders such as laziness, sluggishness, down fall and down trend. Not only this but in next world we might get birth into inferior community or yonis such as Crow, Owl, Vulture, Cat, Fox, Snake, Scorpio, and lizards. Apart from this there many negative outcomes which can be visualized even like if by chance if we eat ant then it destroys our brain by despair our thinking power, ju or lice cause jalodhar or stomach disorder which lead to ultimate death, vomit is caused due to eating flies by chance, if spider enters our stomach then it creates white spots disorders and such so many disorder are their which may cause severe death and ultimate take us to Bad communities or births or yonis. And so that is why we must avoid eating at night.
Q-5 Give the name of Paanch Parmeshthis?
Ans. Name of Paanch Parmeshthis are 1. Arihant, 2. Siddh, 3. Acharya, 4. Upadhyay, and 5. Sadhu.
Q-6 Why do Navkarwali have 108 small stones or as it is said “Manaka”
Ans. Panch Parmeshthi’s 108 features are covered in this 108 Manaka and so there are 108 small stones in Navkarwali.
Q-7 What is mean by Viharmaan or Present Tirthankars? How many are there in all? Where are they at present?
Ans. Viharmaan or Present Tirthankars are Parmatma that are currently in this world. They are Twenty Parmatma and are residing in the area of Mahavideh Kshetra.
Q-8 What is Shri Sangh? How many are they? Give their names.
Ans. Shri Sangh is it is the group of people that believes and follows the order of Sarvagna Parmatma. There are four Sanghs namely: 1. Sadhu, 2. Sadhvi, 3. Shravak, and 4. Shravika.
Q-9 AtWhat is mean by Kshetra or area? How many are they and give their names.
Ans. Kshetra or Area are the area where by spending or giving donation in money or in any other kinds becomes beneficial to us. These are sacred areas and they are 7 areas namely.
1. Jinmandir or Temple
2. Jinpratima or An idol of Lord
3. Jinagam or Jainism books or Knowledge
4. Sadhu or Male Saint
5. Sadhvi or Female Saint
6. Shravak or Male Jain religion follower apart from Saint and who leaves in world
7. Shravika or Female Jain religion follower apart from Saint and who leaves in world.
Q-10 What are nine areas or wados for to be a bhramacharya or be far from sex.
Ans. 1. Place where women, animals or bi sex by body do not live this places are wados.
2. No talks with woman with any sort of feelings or attraction
3. Wherever woman has sat male shall not seat on that place for not less than 48 minutes. Vice versa wherever Male has sat at that place woman shall not be seated for not less than 9 hours or 3 “prahar”.
4. One shall not see any woman and her body parts with intense feelings
5. Wherever a couple of male and female is sleeping or performing sex in that place they shall avoid staying and keep distance of at least wall thickness.
6. One shall not remember any kind of sex that has performed by him in the past with any woman.
7. The things such as milk, ghee, etc that kind of eatables shall be exclusively avoided these kinds of eating materials are responsible for creating sex related thoughts.
8. Never intake excess food and avoid heavy eating.
9. Do not give any kind of look to your body.


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